Sales Manager - Partitions (Shanghai) 隔板销售经理(上海)

Job description

Your Role

  • Proposing JEB partition design and configuration to designers to strengthen likelihood of securing project award
  • Performing follow up calls and presentations to potential and existing clients on business prospectives
  • Planning and implementing sales & marketing materials as and when required
  • Attending to handling project site problem
  • Coordinating material usage, quality and delivery with main contractors
  • Leading project teams to complete mock-up in time and ensure quality
  • Communicating with the contractors for payment

What You Should Have

  • Diploma or above with min. 3 years sales experience preferred in glass and aluminum products
  • Proven related sales experience in Shanghai local market
  • Excellent presentation (PPT Proposals), communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in writing and speaking English & Chinese
  • Proactive, self-motivated and result oriented personality
  • Connection with interior designers, architects or contractors will be a definite advantage 

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Sales
  • Interior Design

To apply, please send your resume to


  • 向设计师就JEB隔板设计及性能提供讲解,以提高项目中标的可能性
  • 与潜在及现有客户进行有关商业机会的跟进电话沟通
  • 必要时制定及制作营销及销售和推广文件
  • 参与安装场地疑难排解
  • 与外判商协调材料的使用、质量控制及运送
  • 领导项目团队在期限内完成高质量产品模拟
  • 与外判商协调付款工作


  • 具有证书或以上资历及有三年以上的室内玻璃及铝质产品销售经验
  • 具备在上海地区的高端家具销售经验
  • 优秀的商业演讲(使用PPT)、沟通及交际能力
  • 操优秀的英语及汉语讲写能力
  • 主动性高,肯为业绩拼搏
  • 与室内设计师、建筑师或外判商有人脉关系者获优先考虑




  • 销售
  • 室内设计