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JEB Custom Projects offers full customisation of installations, from retail facades to architectural features. Combining design engineering, material rationalisation and project management, we can build everything with your unique needs in mind.

The right furniture can boost productivity, functionality and the all-round pleasantness of an environment. We supply furniture of exceptional craftsmanship from world leading designers and manufacturers, combining it with our know-how in spacial design and planning.


Our high-quality architectural finishes cover everything from glass and decorative features to flooring, acoustic and lighting products. We combine our design expertise, knowledge of material selection and practical experience to advise on the finishes that work best for your needs, concept and space.


Offering a wide range of door and wall partitions, our functional solutions give you the flexibility and convenience to transform any space. Covering drywall, relocatable and demountable partition systems from glass to operable wall products, each of our designs is customisable to meet your exact style, fit and needs.