Designer Q&A - Mark Waters

We value our partners - Mark Waters from Davenport Campbell

We value our partners - Mark Waters from Davenport Campbell

We will be regularly featuring some of the very talented minds we collaborate with – both their inspirations and their quirky sides. Let’s hear from Mark, Senior Interior Designer of Davenport Campbell as he shares a piece of his world with us.

Q: Any particular style requests trending amongst your projects?

A: Local designers and manufacturers, especially with Milan success and a lot of clients requiring short lead times at the moment. Style generally depends on the project, try to avoid trends to avoid dating of designs.

Q: How would you describe your style and what influenced it?

A: Wouldn't say I had a design style as each and every one of my projects has been very different, it is always specific to clients. Mid-century would be my favourite design era 'style'. 

Q: What would your dream project be?

A: One without value engineering. 

Q: What did you Google last?

A: How to travel from Bali to the Gili Islands. Always looking to plan for the next escape. 

Q: Favourite hangout place in Sydney?

A: Rainy day: Batch Brewery, Marrickville. Sunny day: Wattamolla Beach, National Park.

Q: Magazines you read regularly?

A: Golfers Digest, Empire, Frame and Wallpaper.

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