Designer Q&A - Sarah Andreallo

We value our partners - Sarah Andreallo from Intermain

We value our partners - Sarah Andreallo from Intermain

So glad, we have caught Sarah, a senior designer from design firm Intermain for a quick chat! Curious about what is in a designer's head? Read On. 

Q: Flat White or Cold Brew?

A: Depends what time of day…

Q: Favourite piece from the JEB Range?  

A: Sedus Mastermind Folding Table.
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Q: How would you describe your style and what influenced it? 

A: I like to get right into a client’s brief/brain/taste/brand identity, in doing this I don’t identify with my own style as such, which also makes each project/design ridiculously different! 

Q: What’s your most favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

A: A little bar down in Cronulla I did whilst studying, the whole budget was under $20K, I even learnt how to tile on that one, a great start into the industry to experience a project from both sides. –It’s still open too! 

Q:  Favourite hangout in Sydney? 

A: Sydney has the best Harbour/Ocean baths.. pick any and I’m there.  

Q: What is your favourite procrastination method?

A: Watching back to back episodes of ‘Escape to the Country’. 

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