Designer Q&A - Alexandru Harrington

We value our partners - Alexandru Harrington from Mirvac Design

We value our partners - Alexandru Harrington from Mirvac Design

Alexandru, an assistant interior designer from Mirvac Design. He had a little chat with us lately, let’s try to read a designer’s mind together.

Q: Flat White or Cold Brew?

A: Can we say both? Oh well, I will. My taste buds are subject to the weather so of course a flat white (cough, cough, um sorry, I mean latte) when it’s cold and a cold brew when it’s ridiculous hot and everyone is complaining about melting!

Q: Where do you get your inspirations from?

A: A lot of places! I’m not the typical designer of having a favourite person like others and investing all my interest there. I share the love you could say. Dezeen, Pinterest, ArchDaily, InDesign mag, Grand Designs UK and NZ and occasionally House Rules for some light-hearted banter. Oh, did I mention supplier functions and showrooms... a big way to get inspired.

Q:  Describe what your dream project looks like. 

A: I hate to sound clique but will involve a warehouse or top story apartment in New York City! Would convert it into my own oasis and escape from the bustling streets below and of course it’ll have a strong industrial chic design intent with pops of colour and quirky lighting, to be in-keeping with the hip New York vibe.

Q: Favourite hangout in Sydney?

A: For sure got to be the bar under my office! Great designed space, hidden away from all the usual bar goers and run by two great guys who are always up for chat and a bit of banter. (Oh, and I swear I’m not there every night after work…. Well I’m getting better)

Q: How would you describe your style and what influenced it?

A: Industrial Chic... yep that’s it. A fusion of industrial design with sophistication. Probably thanks to watching Grand designs UK and the Grillagh Water House (container home) by Patrick Bradley which was love at first site after already doing my year 12 major work on contain homes. I suppose the chic side comes from the love of hotel designs and in recent times the interiors of the QT hotel in Melbourne.

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