Designer Q&A - Nina Sharpe

We value our partners - Nina Sharpe from mpa

We value our partners - Nina Sharpe from mpa

Hello! We were lucky enough to catch up with this busy creative girl to chat about her ideas and how she finds inspiration.

Q: How do you start your morning?

A:  I don’t do anything amazing and Zen when I wake up. I do what I have to do to get to my morning coffee. 

Q: Flat White or Cold Brew?

A: Almond Latte

Q: How many tabs have you opened right now and what are they?

A: 15. A combination of furniture suppliers, Europe holiday research for Croatia, Positano, Rome & Paris & door furniture suppliers. 2 separate windows though so I can hide my Europe trip info :) 

Q: What is your favourite procrastination method?

A: At the moment it's looking at my spreadsheet for my trip to Europe & seeing what I have booked, what I have to pay still & what I still need to book.

Q:  Favourite hangout in Sydney?

A: I have too many but I do love Opera Bar.

Q: Where do you get your inspirations from?

A: My world around me. It’s hard not to be influenced by all the great designs & designers, architecture, graphics, fashion or whatever it is that catches my eye. 

Q: When was your last lightbulb moment?

A: That’s a good question, but it was a few months ago when I saw a vacant little retail space near the dog park near our office in Surry Hills. I thought it would be a great idea to open a dog friendly café that offered a dog menu as well as a human menu. It would be a place where you could get your dog washed whilst you have a coffee with some friends. I couldn’t’ stop thinking about it for weeks. I even thought of what I would do for the launch of the café… I got a bit carried away to tell you the truth! I saw butlers in the park waiting on dog in the park with a silver platter.

Q: How would you describe your style and what influenced it?

A: I would describe it as understated maybe. I like the detail to speak for itself, bolding over the top statements is not really my thing even though I love the look of that style of design.

Q: What’s your most favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

A: Quartet Ventures, a small private equity firm in GPT. I loved the clients & the fact that they wanted their small office to be as nice as their homes. The level of detail & specified finish & furniture just made the space work for them as a company and for them to live in away from their beautiful homes. 

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