Designer Q&A - Cushla McFadden

We value our partners - TomMarkHenry Director Cushla McFadden

We value our partners - TomMarkHenry Director Cushla McFadden

Hello again! Our Australian interior designer profile is back! We will be regularly featuring some of the very talented minds we collaborate with – both their inspirations and their quirky sides. Let’s hear from Cushla from designer firm TomMarkHenry as she shares a piece of her world with us.

Q: How many tabs do you have open right now and what are they?

A: 10! There’s the TomMarkHenry Gmail which is constantly open, a font website to purchase fonts for some new branding with, a couple of Google Drive tabs, a CV I was sent, the BIA UNSW (Bachelors of Interior Architecture UNSW) blog, a new client’s website, Hightail for large file sharing, Eco Outdoor to look for outdoor furniture for a job with, and our TomMarkHenry website to reference an old project!

Q: What is your favourite procrastination method?  

A: Browsing the internet, clearly. 

Q: Flat White or Cold Brew?

A: Flat white, almond milk if you're asking ;)

Q: If you need to choose, would you rather play rugby league in high heels or hike in them?

A: If we took high heels out of the equation, I would still rather hike, so let’s go with hike.

Q: Canned strawberries: innovation or blasphemy?

A: I'm sure they have their place...

Q: Where do you get your inspirations from?

A: Everywhere! Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places and the most unexpected times. Looking out at a particular scene, I will often notice a combination of colours and textures that works, which could be as mundane as a bit of timber left out on a footpath or the colour palette of an old building. 

Q: How would you describe your style and what influenced it?

A: My personal style is quite minimal and pared-back. I've seen my tastes change over time so keeping it classic and neutral means I can layer over time. 

Q: How do you start your morning?

A: Usually walking my dog Maxie, then meditating for 20 minutes before getting ready to get out the door. 

Q: One thing you can't live without?

A: Family. 

Q: What’s your most favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

A: Bondi's Best will always hold a special place in my heart. It was our first real project as TomMarkHenry and put us on the interior design map in Sydney. 

Q: Describe what your dream project looks like

A: A boutique hotel is our dream project!

Q: Do you have a favourite background music track for work?

A: Any TomMarkHenry Spotify playlist works a treat in the office.

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